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Khasan has been a professional cinematographer since the late 1980’s. He was born in Moscow in 1960 where he graduated from VGIK (Vserossiyski Gosudarstvenny Institut Kinematografii – the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography). His government awards include People's Artist of the Kyrgyz Republic 2011, Laureate of the Union of Youth of the Kyrgyz Republic 1992, and Laureate of the State Prize of the Kyrgyz Republic Toktogul for the film Beshkampir in 2000. Khasan has been a member of the Asian Film Academy Hong Kong since 2012. He is also a member of the National Academy of Cinemagraphic Arts and Sciences in Central Asia. His film festival awards for camera work include prizes for the feature films Stars of Shaken 2004 of the ICF, Astana-Baiterek 2004, Sardar 2002 (Astana-Baiterek Prize 2004), Shiza 2004 of the ICF (Pavel Lebeshev prize 2005), Kong Kong (Nominee Award of the Asian Film Academy),, Light-Ake 2009 (Ak-Ilbirs National Film Award 2011), and Princess Nazik 2011. His work on Kazakhstan feature films consists of Biography of the Young Accordionist 1993, Sardar 2002, Hunter of the Year 2003, The Island of the Renaissance 2003, Shiza 2004, Steppe Express 2005, The Racketeer 2006, A Gift to Stalin 2008, Lost 2009, Late Love 2009, Liquidator of the Year 2010, Trace 2011, Myn Bala 2012, The Racketeer 2 2014, and Districts 2016. Kyrgyzstan feature films include Death in the Name of Birth 1988, Valley of the Ancestors 1989, Shot in the Steppe 1990, Anomaly 1991, Where is Your House Snail? 1991, Stormy Halt 1992, Selinchek 1993, Everything Was Covered With Snow 1994, Beshkampir 1997, Maymyl 2000, Light-Ake 2009, Princess Nazik 2011, Baku, I Love You 2012, Centaur 2015, and Sayakbai 2016. Short films consist of  Bashat 1994, Becket 1996, Assan Ussen 1997, At the Confluence of Two Springs, Red Butterflies 2002 (documentary), Window 2005 (documentary), and Two Girls on the Hillock 2005 (documentary). His most recent feature film awards include best camera work for Zhauzhurek Myng Bala (2014) and The Road to Mother (2016) (Tulpar Film Award).

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